*flashback to 2012* 
as a high school student I wasn't sure about anything in life, but one thing; I LOVED art. unsure what life after school would look like my future was pretty open, until I was pushed by a teacher to try this entrepreneurship course at the local community college. I entered this class with an open mind, knowing that whatever project I chose to pursue would be involving art. with only one year of yearbook under my belt I wasn't sure about how digital art worked, but with the help from the course I entered in my own graphic design business. starting out my business entailed of sport photo collages and invitations. this experience grew a passion for the digital arts. after completing the class I was asked by that same teacher to design a new logo for our high school. with having a scout for a mascot the thought of a more modern image was tough, but this is the result product. this is currently still used as the mascot for David City public schools.
looking back there are so many changes I would make to this project, but yet I'm glad I can't. this is a good indicator of where I started at as a designer. I will regularly look back at this and know there is always more I can learn and do as an artist.  
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